Best DPF Delete Kit for 6.4 Powerstroke


Would you like to know how to make your diesel particulate filter truck perform at the same level as a DPF-deleted diesel truck?

The 6.4 Power stroke DPF Removal is excellent for rough terrain hustling. But shouldn’t we also mention those who still need to be efficient, improve towing, diesel execution and be compliant with the law? Your truck will be visible to law enforcement if it emits exhaust fumes.

In previous blogs, we’ve highlighted the dangers of DPF remove kits. We will reiterate here that there always seems to be someone to fill the need where there is one. Edge Products of Ogden in Utah believed the same. They didn’t get their way. The EPA could catch up with Edge Products’ DPF Delete Kits quickly. The U.S. c imposed a $500,000.0 penalty on the company.

DPF Delete Kit for the 6.4 Powerstroke

The manufacturer must track down customers to purchase the illegal products back. Would you like to have the company from which you received your DPF removed from knocking at your door? This statement is backed up by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as a court order telling you to “return your delete kit.”

They will use a diesel particulate filter, meant to remove soot and other particulates from the gas stream of fumes.


Regeneration is the process of cleaning the screen with particulates and filtered ash. You can clean it by heating a fuel burner to warm the particulate filter to ignite the ash, which will essentially burn the soot from its path. To heat the screen, you must add more diesel fuel each time your filter needs to be cleaned, although it doesn’t make it any easier to get good diesel mileage. Most truck owners know the “Best Delete Kit for the 6.4 Powerstroke.”

You might have gotten 15-20 MPG on your old pickup truck or heavy-duty truck. Your wallet was likely to be lighter after buying your diesel for $50,000+ that gets only 8-13 MPG.

Semi-trucks are worse. You may have experienced a semi-truck accident when you towed a large load up along the highway. Your diesel truck went into dpf regeneration mode, and your speed dropped to dangerously moderate levels. Suppose your experience is similar to most diesel owners. In that case, you are looking for a way to legally and securely increase your diesel efficiency and the pulling torque/horsepower.

Today, I will present a legal alternative to the 6.4 Powerstroke. It is identical to any DPF remove kit available on the market.

Here is a snippet:

Snow Performance SNO-500 Injection Kit (Stage 3 Boost Cooler 94-07 Cummins 5.9L Diesel Water/Methanol). You can check it on Amazon.

Many diesel secondary aftermarket parts manufacturers have tried to figure out a way to reduce the DPF’s mileage while still offering legal alternatives. Matt Snow was the one who formulated the Cooler Water-Methanol Injection Kit many years ago.

This kit boosts fuel efficiency of between 1-3 mpg. Snow Performance’s development team realized that more astonishing units had less outflow of particulate matter than they thought.

Diesel fuel with infused methanol is more efficient and complete in its work.

Snow Performance water-methanol infusion bags on a 6.4 Powerstroke have helped diesel owners reduce the amount of unburned fuel, particulate matter, and smoke sent out as pollution.

The water-methanol infusion kits enhance the burning ability so that their particulate filters never become filthy enough to require heavy-duty cleaning. Regular use of the Hot Shot’s Diesel Extreme will keep your preventative maintenance clock ticking like a well-oiled machine.

The kit’s fumes stream is so clean that it didn’t require the filters to be put into regeneration mode.

Diesel enthusiasts will appreciate consolidating a phase 3-mpg-max with the diesel execution chip/tuner. This integration allows them to use the existing electronic power-adders and reduces the burden of dismantling or obstructing their expensive particulate filters.

You can now have it both ways! You can have more fuel mileage, pull, torque, better towing background, and reduced discharges without buying 6.4 Powerstroke DPF remove kits. Get a Snow Performance Snow Performance Cummins Duramax or Powerstroke today!

Snow Performance uses only the finest materials for its manufacturing. The infusion pack’s outer framework is made of hardened and aluminized steel. Rigid tubing is resistant to rust.

Power Considerations

Some DPF remove kits; however, use too much channelling, which can cause confinements and weight loss, causing your truck to lose strength. Conversely, too large funnels can cause your motor to lose power and proficiency. To get more from your diesel engine, you need to reduce weight. Improve circulation is the best way to get fresh, clean air.

The diesel performance framework releases fumes quickly through the winding louvered, high stream suppressor. It also includes the complete mandrel-bowed tubing with insignificant twist degrees points. Your Powerstroke can reduce fume temperatures by as much as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to set the phase for an expanded drive. has no affiliation with Snow Performance and its associated brands. Diesel Boost Cooler’s recommendation is made to owners of diesel trucks who want to remove the DPF from their vehicles to help them find a legal alternative.

You can use a water-methanol injection kit to increase your truck’s pulling power to tow most of your equipment. You will notice increased strength and torque, improved mileage, and decreased exhaust gas temperature.

Why should you delete it?

You delete this to avoid issues of clogging up and backpressure increase. Pressure interferes with fuel flow and it slows down after constant disturbance.

DPF Removal Benefits:

The removal process dramatically reduces the bad oil dilution problem that 66.4s have and decreases wear, prolonging engine life. The process simultaneously improves exhaust flow and turbo spool rates and lowers exhaust gas temperatures. The restriction does not slow down exhaust gases after the turbo.

EGR delete benefits:

  1. Proficiency in MPG and HP, without restrictions or regen cycles.

You can get better MPG by preventing hot exhaust gases from entering your intake. This exercise prolongs the life expectancy of the EGR cooler, as no 1200 degree exhaust gases can flow through the coolers causing them to crack or fail.

  1. Eliminates the possibility of engine damage due to EGR system failure.

Now that you have seen the benefits of deactivating your EGR/DPF systems, you may be wondering what the downside might be.


The primary and only con of DPF/EGR removal is that these modifications are only for off-road use. They are not applicable if your truck is driven on public highways, and the restriction applies everywhere in the United States. However, if your country doesn’t have emissions regulations, you would be doing a disservice to the truck’s life if you didn’t perform the deletes.

How to delete:

Below is step by step actions you need for each type and where you can find them. This guide applies only to the 2008-2010 Powerstroke F-250/350/450 or F-550 Super Duty. If you have the latest 6.7L, you don’t need this guide.

Here are the delete steps:

Step 1: Diagnose the vehicle

Step 2: Read the ECU

Step 3: Remove And Re-install The Dpf Exhaust Unit

Step 4: Apply the mod calibration to the ECU

Step 5: Test the vehicle

These are the steps you follow to remove or delete it completely. For more information, you can read more here.



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