How Much Does A Diesel Particulate Filter Cost?


A diesel particulate filter costs between $1000 to $10,000, depending on the brand and grade. DPF filters that are less expensive cost $1000 to $4000. DPF filters are more expensive, starting at $4000 and can go up to $10,000 for larger Freightliner trucks.

We will also explore the cost of diesel particulate filters in this guide.

What is the cost of DPF filters?

Let’s first say that DPF filters can be pretty expensive. How much?

Depending on the vehicle and its grade, a DPF filter replacement can range anywhere from $1000 to $4000. Freightliners and larger vehicles can be up to $10,000. Yes, that’s right. They are costly.

At least for the short term. You will see savings over time if you don’t need another DPF replacement.

The cost to replace your DPF may become more expensive as cars age, especially when you consider the car’s value. In some cases, the cost of replacing the DPF may even exceed the car’s value. Additionally, a DPF replacement is likely higher for older cars and vehicles with more miles.

Let’s assume your car is worth $6000 and that your replacement DPF will cost $3500, a figure that is more than half of the car’s value, a significant investment, even though it does not increase the car’s value.

Finding a Cheaper DPF

We’ve mentioned that DPFs can be pretty expensive. Many suppliers offer diesel particulate filters at a lower price to solve this problem. You should be careful, even if it costs less. It would be best to ensure that the supplier you choose has the right DPF for your vehicle. Otherwise, you could end up paying more.

Also, make sure you talk with certified professionals. You should also ensure that they are certified to fulfill their promises. Many mechanics can sell parts for any car. It is essential to find a supplier familiar with DPF filters and emissions and certified to supply a replacement DPF. You may deal with issues that include:

Diesel particulate filters remove soot from vehicle exhausts. These filters are critical because they reduce harmful gases from the environment. It is illegal in certain countries, including the United States, to remove the DPF from your vehicle.

If your DPF becomes damaged, you will need to replace it. What is the cost of diesel particulate filters?

How to make your DPF last longer

1. Regeneration

DPF regeneration refers to removing all soot from the filter over time, providing more information about DPF Regeneration. You can learn more about DPF regeneration for Freightliners here. If you are familiar with DPF regeneration, make sure it can regenerate every 200-miles.

It is imperative to check your vehicle for any light that appears on the dashboard. Let’s suppose you have driven 30000 miles, and the light appears on your dashboard. It is tempting to ignore the warning because the manufacturer suggests manual regeneration at 70000 mills or some other time.

Most people don’t become concerned when the light goes on in these cases, allowing severe problems to develop.

2. Servicing

Service your car to maintain your DPF. Why? Because regular servicing of your vehicle can help reduce emissions. Your emissions will drop the more efficient your engine works and the higher quality oil you use.

Emissions are significant for quality oil. DPFs cannot tolerate semi-synthetic or mineral blended oils. DPSs require very low SAPS additives if any. Look at the ACEA C1 to C5 ratings of your DPF to determine what it needs.

Use oil that is compatible with your car’s specifications. You should only use oil that meets the specifications of your car manufacturer.

However, excessive SAPS can lead to engine wear and engine degradation.

3. Quality of Fuel

It is also essential to ensure that the fuel quality is good. Many people believe they can use any diesel because engines can handle any fuel. Diesel engines are robust, but you can cause engine damage by using low-grade fuel.

Although the car should still be functional, you might notice some green smoke. You may need to replace your DPF.  If so, it’s okay, and we hope you will have the answer to your questions about DPF filter cost.

Let’s use an example: I used to know someone who would buy diesel at low grades from Asda. Guess what happened? The fuel filter had become black due to all the junk it had picked up.

The DPF filled to the brim with soot. He decided soon to change to top-tier diesel. He noticed a marked difference in engine performance when he took the vehicle in for service.

There was a significant amount of buildup in the fuel filter, and the DPF was good. He also had better fuel consumption and mileage, an excellent deal for low-grade fuel. We recommend Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel and BP Ultimate Diesel as top-tier brands.

DPF Removal and Insurance Prices

When discussing diesel particulate filters, we must also consider insurance costs when you want to remove or delete your DPF.

Although most insurance companies won’t tell you directly that your DPF removal can cause problems with your policy, we can say to you. What is the problem? You can remove your DPF to circumvent the MOT. The insurer will deny you a claim if you do this.

You can avoid DPF If the fuel additive or injector cleaner is not DPF-compatible, don’t use it.

You will increase the chances of DPF clogging by using a low-quality fuel treatment on your vehicle. You’re creating more problems if the product isn’t compatible. Many drivers fall for the trap of purchasing an injector cleaner from their local auto shop without verifying that it is DPF compatible.

Some products have substances that don’t burn cleanly, leading to ash buildup in the exhaust areas, eventually, clog the DPF Filter. The DPF regeneration cycle can’t remove these particles and although you may think you are doing the right thing and running a fuel cleaner through your engine is a good idea, it can often cause more problems. Don’t Use a product that is not compatible with DPF.

It is costly to replace DPF filters so consider the following things:

  • Use the correct specification of engine oil.
  • Driving in cities is the biggest reason for DPF problems.
  • Do not ignore the DPF warning light if it appears.
  • Before turning off the engine, allow the regeneration process to complete.

It can be costly to clean or replace a DPF filter. However, it is possible to avoid this expense by using Cost-Effective Maintenance products. The FTC Engine Decarbonizer can clean clogged DPF filters. It is also great for reducing soot from the exhaust, which reduces the number of DPF-regenerations.

A quality fuel treatment that actively cleans the DPF Filter is one of the best ways to reduce your DPF costs.

CEM products have been tested and designed to provide the best results for your engine. CRD Fuel Enhancer, FTC Engine Decoder is 100% compatible with modern diesel engines. This product maintains a clean machine, maximizes fuel atomization, and avoids DPF problems.

Why do DPFs fail?

DPF failures can occur for many reasons, but generally, they fall into one of two categories. Either an engine fault blocks the DPF, or the DPF is not in a way that will allow the unit to self-cleanse (regenerate). TerraClean FAQs show how to start regeneration.

Engine problems can include a blocked EGR valve, faulty fuel injections, incorrect oil, a failing turbo, and many others. A DPF can also block cars driving for short distances, preventing the exhaust from getting too hot and causing it to start its self-cleaning cycle.

Is there a way to replace/buy a new DPF? Yes. There are many options, and DPF cleaning has become a popular service among our 500+ dealers across the country.

Terra Clean patented equipment has saved thousands of pounds on DPF cleanings. Franchised dealers and other garages frequently call upon TerraClean dealers to solve DPF-related problems.

Terra Clean dealers can access our Total DPF Solutions system to remove oil and ash from DPFs blocked by oil or ash.


Diesel particulate filters can be expensive. You can avoid DPFs by taking good care of your vehicle and paying attention to it. Hopefully, you found the answer to your query about diesel particulate filters cost and associated issues.


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