What Does Service AdvanceTrac Mean and Fixes (Solved!)


You might have noticed a strange but somewhat troubling message on your vehicle’s dash. Ford owners all over the globe have received a “Service AdvanceTrac” message during their daily commutes.

Ford vehicle owners often describe AdvanceTrac issues. Even the most expensive models such as the Ford F150 and Expedition, Fusion, Edge, and Explorer are susceptible.

These problems are not the end of Ford’s line. Fortunately, solutions to these issues are often more accessible than one might think. Continue reading to learn about AdvanceTrac and how to deal with any problems that may arise.

What does service Advancetrac Mean?

Advancetrac is a system alarm that pops up when you have traction problems or steer your vehicle correctly. You may also see it if your car is being hit from behind or if the weather is terrible. It will then attempt to fix any traction problems it has.

Car ownership comes with some responsibility. It is essential to learn everything you can about your car, its quirks, how it works when it needs service, and how to care for it. The car is like a child to us.

Once you feel you have all the information you need about your vehicle, another dashboard alert pops up, indicating that you need to do some digging and learning. Today, we’ll be discussing the Advancetrac warning.

What Service Is Advancetrac?

Many car owners worry about their cars and end up taking them to a garage, thinking that their vehicle has significant problems. But in reality, the problem is straightforward. AdvanceTrac stands for the electronic stability control system. It may also be called a “traction control system” by some.

This warning is displayed when traction safety features are not available or malfunction.

Advancetrac Warning Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) can also be known as Traction Control or Vehicle Dynamic Control.

Advancetrac is only available in Ford vehicles at the moment. There are no plans to add this ESC system for other makes. This warning system is designed to alert you when there are traction problems. It can even save your life.

Anti-Lock Function

Anti-lock brake systems stop a vehicle from skidding under panicked braking conditions. A wheel speed sensor communicates to the ABS controller that a vehicle’s ABS controller is notified when one or more wheels become locked under high brake pressure.

This software commands the ABS pump valve assembly to quickly brake pressure to the affected tire, breaking the skid.

Traction Control function

The traction control device compares data collected from each wheel’s end location. The system’s controller will cut power to any wheel with an abnormal wheel speed. If brake pressure is applied, the wheel will stop spinning, effectively equalizing the vehicle’s speed between its four wheels, thus resolving any previous loss of traction.

Directional-Orientated Stability Control Function

Numerous sensors are used by vehicles to detect vehicle instability and skidding. These sensors provide a detailed picture of vehicle orientation during skids to a controller that adjusts power output and brake pressure to each tire as necessary for stabilization.

This operation uses steering wheel angle sensors, speed sensors, and accelerometers as feedback sources. The Advancetrac light will flash to warn you if the system detects that the steering wheel is being oversteered or skidding.

The owner and driver will notice the vehicle’s actions. It could stop your brakes from locking up, improve traction control, slow down your engine, adjust your steering level, and apply proper pressure to your tires.

Why does the Advancetrac Service Warning pop up?

Although the Advancetrac system alert may pop up at any time, it is most likely to pop up when your traction is not in order.

If your vehicle is driven too fast or too slow, you can also get it, and you can activate the warning light if you’re hit from behind or have difficulty keeping your car in the right direction during lousy weather.

It will alert you when your vehicle does not have enough traction. Then it will help you fix the problem before you cause any damage to the car or yourself.

How Does Advancetrac Affect My Driving?

Advancetrac does not cause driving problems. It will only turn on when there is a problem with your driving. The Service Advancetrac Light Turns On. When the ESC system sensors have issues, the Advancetrac light will come on. A variety of problems can trigger this service light.

You can drive your vehicle if you have an AdvanceTrac system problem. However, when an Active System Fault is detected, most vehicles will disable AdvanceTrac-related functions. However, it is safer than driving a car without a stability control system.

AdvanceTrac-related issues do not affect a vehicle’s ability to drive, as can often be the case when an engine- or transmission-based trouble code is stored. Your car is simply trying to alert you to an underlying problem in its stability system.

Your vehicle’s AdvanceTrac system needs servicing as soon as possible to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Be extra cautious when crossing slick or dangerous roads, especially those created by heavy snowfall or wintry precipitation.

Advancetrac Light On

A defective steering angle sensor could cause a problem in the steering rack or an object lodged between the wheels. These issues can be very frustrating, and you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for diagnosis.

You can resolve the problem before the light turns off. Many people complain about the AdvanceTrac light not turning off, but it will turn on once the issue is resolved.

Resetting Service AdvanceTrac Light

Motorists are limited in their options for fixing the “Service AdvanceTrac” light.

It might seem tempting to clear all relevant codes to disable the warning message. However, this is a temporary fix. As your vehicle performs its standard system self-checks, this light almost always reilluminates with each ignition cycle.

Most cases require a premium scanner and a trained eye to diagnose the problem. The DIY mechanic can still inspect the vehicle visually to rule out any obvious issues.

It is essential to inspect each wheel’s speed sensor and the corresponding wiring harness to determine the root cause of any AdvanceTrac-related issues. You should check the wires for frayed, pinched, or corroded signs.

Also, ensure that the connections between these sensors are functional. Unplug each speed sensor from its intermediate harness to check for water intrusion.

In some instances, it may also be possible to test for ground and supply voltage at the appropriate modules of the system.

AdvanceTrac can experience system interruptions if it does not have a stable ground feed and a sufficient input voltage to power the system. You will need a vehicle-specific wiring diagram and pin-out reference to conduct these checks.

For further assistance, contact a certified service center if you’re still not able to find any apparent source of failure or if you feel uncomfortable diagnosing the AdvanceTrac system on your own.

A simple programming update may be possible to fix any AdvanceTrac-related software problems, one that will require a visit to the dealer since these software updates are proprietary.

Reasons for the Advancetrac Service Light

Sometimes, your entire service Advancetrac system will need reprogramming. There may be reasons for this phenomenon. However, it is straightforward and inexpensive to reset the Advancetrac system.

According to mechanics, the main reason your Advancetrac system needs to be programmed for service is because of any liquid damage to your system.

Do You Need A Mechanic to Fix This Problem?

A certified mechanic should be able to fix your Advancetrac problem. You could do more damage to your Advancetrac system if you try to fix it yourself. This intervention would then cost you more than it would initially have cost to hire a mechanic.

Professionals fix complex problems in your vehicle, saving you time and stress, as well as money.

How Long Does Advancetrac Take To Fix?

The average time it takes to have your Advancetrac fixed by a certified mechanic is between one and two hours. It can take up to forty-five minutes, depending on the issue with the Advancetrac light. It all depends on the mechanic you have and how fast they can work.

Advancetrac is a complicated but handy system. This system saves you from severe accidents and ensures that your car runs smoothly.


Do not let your Advancetrac cause you headaches or worry; get your mechanic to run a few tests and fix the problem. It is worth the effort and time spent in a garage. Your safety and well-being on the road can’t be overpriced.


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