How to Bypass the DPF Filter on Cummins Engines?


Diesel exhaust liquid (DEF) has been used to reduce toxic diesel NOx emissions by reducing them to less than 500 ppm.

In the coming years, expect revisions to the 2010 EPA regulations. DEF will play an essential role in controlling diesel, nitrous oxide, and other particulate matters.

Diesel fluids, including oil, fuel, and coolants, cannot be infected by DEF. On the other hand, DEF cannot infect diesel fluids, including gas and oil, without causing severe damage to the selective catalyst reduction (SC) system. Consider the corrosive nature of DEFs when shopping.

A DEF pump will suit your company based on storage needs and storage solutions.

The Best DEF Hand Pump

For extracting DEF up to 400 lb., hand pumps like rotary or lever action are ideal barrels. It is easy to re-insert the barrel in another barrel, and it is simple to clean. Hand pumps are affordable and easy to modify. Perfect for limited diesel services.

LX-1324 Corrosion Resistant Rotary Barrel Pump by Luxmax

Luxmax is an international OEM company established in 1981 and specializes in automotive components and systems. The DEF hand pump LX-1324 is resistant to corrosion, ideal for small diesel shops or individual operators.

Construction made from stainless steel and polyphenylene sulfurate provides excellent ways to transfer DEF. The LX-1324 pumps 1 gallon per 14 revolutions and is self-priming. Luxmax pumps come with a 40-inch stainless steel suction tube.


  • It is easy to use and can be used with various drum sizes of varying capacities.
  • A name-brand company offers a low-cost pump
  • Each part of the pump is resistant to corrosion


  • Limited reviews for a great company
  • Operators will need to purchase hoses and fittings.

The distribution channels are looking at every angle to improve storage and transfer methods. Nearly all new passenger vehicles, light- and heavy-duty trucks are equipped with some form of SCR/DEF technology. See reviews and prices for LX-1324 at

Best DEF Electric Pump

Electric DEF pumps offer various benefits for large fleet service departments, long-range operators, and high-volume diesel shops.

After being set up, electric pumps can be equipped with outlets or batteries as power sources. Although initial costs can be higher, they are not necessarily more expensive. But, the time and effort you invest will have a significant impact on your final price.

AB-122, Heavy-Duty PRO Blue Electric DEF Pump Package by Fuelwork

Intradin’s Fuelworks is a division of Intradin. It is an International Chinese concern that operates in more than 70 countries. AB-122 is a complete solution to transfer DEF, and you can use the pump can for DEF or low alkaline products.

Everything is included in the kit, including an electric motor, mountings, fittings, and nozzles. The AB-122 can be configured for barrel, tote, and other DEF storage. The AB-122 can transfer between 2-14 gallons per hour.


  • Complete solution
  • Fuel works offer dedicated support for transfer pumps
  • AB-122 is designed exclusively for DEF


Operators may find it too costly. The EPA (American Petroleum Institute) and the API have developed the protocols for handling, storage, and manufacture of DEF have been developed by the EPA (American Petroleum Institute) and the API.

Wholesale and retail channels have shown consumers the effects of contamination on diesel engines. In the past decade, entire distribution channels and thousands of OEM manufacturers have grown to deal with DEF.

The Best DEF Drum Pump

DEF drum pump is the most popular DEF transfer pump. Drum pumps can be used for any combination of drum sizes and are not stationary. Drum pumps offer many options for the buyer.

There are many types of rotary and lever storage systems available.

902-031-0 DEF Electric Drum pump by Titan-CTS


Titan-CTS, an international chemical transfer company, is committed to industrial liquids. Titans’ leadership has decades of experience in chemical transfer.

The Titan 902-031-0 is made from stainless steel and polypropylene with Viton seals. With a 5-horsepower motor, the flow rate is 5 gallons/minute. This unit is ideal for small-scale diesel shops and individual operators. You can choose to use outlets or batteries as your electric source.


  • The Titan-CTS offers a complete solution and provides hoses, motors, and nozzle items.
  • Excellent customer support from the company.


  • Only DEF compatible
  • High-volume shops may experience slower flow rates

See reviews and prices on the Titan-CTS902-031-0 at

What to Consider When Buying a DEF?

Any diesel engine owner or operator must transfer and store DEF. When looking for the best DEF pump on the market, these are some considerations. Construction materials DEF can cause damage to carbon steel, aluminium, and copper, as well as zinc and other minor metals. The toughest material for DEF pump construction is stainless steel.

Seals – Viton and Buna seals make the best DEF elastomers. Both offer excellent corrosion and compression resistance.

DEF solutions – DEF distribution channels have been increasing since 2010. There are many options for equipment. You may end up paying more for replacements if you buy too many or too few items. DEF to diesel consumption rates should be between 2 and 3 percent for heavy-duty on-road vehicles.


Everyone advocates contamination control when handling DEF. Transfer pumps are an essential step that you must carefully consider, and you shouldn’t fail to check quality over quantity. The replacement cost for full-featured DEF systems can be relatively expensive.

Best Ways to Pump Diesel Exhaust Fluid

There are many ways to pump diesel exhaust fluid. Some methods are more effective than others.

We will be examining the three best ways to pump diesel exhaust gas.

Hand Pumps: A pre-made DEF hand pump can be ordered with a customized hose length and type of nozzle. These hand pumps are very portable, easy to use, and convenient.

Using a Gravity Kit: These kits consider the possibility that your bag may be higher than ground level or even higher than you. For example, many people store their bags on large concrete platforms or cinderblocks. These devices allow for flexibility.

The Tote Manifold Setup: This is an excellent choice as it allows you to tie in multiple totes to make the job easier. You can purchase the preassembled kit.

You can use the devices in most situations, but ultimately your decision will depend on your situation. It would help if you research and shop around for the best solution to your particular needs.

The Key Takeaways

Diesel operators need to know their DEF storage and transfer capacity. There are many options available for each piece of equipment that you need. Seals, brass connections, and plastic nozzles are all available.

You should carefully consider your distribution requirements. It is crucial to purchase quality equipment for any DEF handling situation.


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