What Does a Fog Light Warning Symbol in Car Mean


You probably know that manufacturers developed the fog light warning symbols to keep us safe if you are an experienced driver. Fog can reduce visibility and create dangerous driving conditions. Invisibility can be caused by heavy fog or freezing fog.  Many drivers don’t understand the meanings and when they should see a mechanic.

Let’s briefly describe when and how fog lights are used before moving on to the other points. Auto manufacturers have included fog lights on some vehicles to ensure drivers are safe in adverse weather conditions. These lights are lower than standard driving lights to prevent reflected light from bouncing back at you.

What Does The Fog Indicator Warning Light Mean?

The indicator light on the dashboard will let you know when your fog lights have been illuminated. It is similar to your regular headlights. If your vehicle has rear fog lights, there may be two indicators on the dashboard—one for each direction.

The front indicator is typically light green and faces to the left just like the headlight indicators. The hand for the rear lights will usually be orange or amber and point to the right. These indicators indicate that the switch is sending power, but not the actual bulbs. You may also see a warning light on some cars to warn you if bulbs have become damaged.

When and How to turn on fog lights

Fog lights improve visibility and make driving safer in adverse conditions. Drivers should turn them off when visibility drops to 100m.

When you forget to turn on the foggy lights, you may lose your insurance coverage if you are involved in an accident. The lights also have a limited life span. Drivers can cause the bulbs to lose their value quickly due to wear and tear, and they will eventually stop working.

The steps required to turn on fog lights depend on which car model you have. Once you are familiar with the fog light symbol, it is easy to figure out how to do it. These can be found on the indicator stalk. Switch on your headlights as a routine.

You can also check the dashboard to see if a button displays the warning symbol.

Please be aware that:

Fog light symbol: A lamp that points towards the left or to the right, and a wavy line that has three lines through it. The indicator for the front fog light is usually green and faces to the left. The indicator for the rear fog light is usually amber (some maybe orange) and faces to the right.

This presence of the colors means that when you turn on the fog lamp, you are safe and don’t have to be concerned. However, flickering is often not the case, and a warning symbol for fog lights can be seen.

What is the Fog Light Warning Symbol in My Car?

The fog light warning symbol, as the name implies, is meant to warn you of imminent danger. If you don’t see either the amber or green colors, it is essential to pay attention.

Modern cars have sensors that detect any problems with their lighting system. The dashboard displays the information.

There are two types of fog warning lights. These are:

Red light: You should act fast if you see a red warning sign because this means that there is a severe problem requiring immediate attention.

Orange warning light: An orange warning sign could indicate that the car’s computer has detected an error. Check the bulbs to confirm if they are functioning. You can drive if there are no serious issues. You should contact a qualified mechanic immediately.

Do not ignore any fog warning symbols that appear on your dash. Find a safe place and consult the owner’s manual to learn the meaning.

Do you need to consult a mechanic?

After you have looked up the problem in the manual, you can decide if you need to visit a mechanic. Talk to an expert if you are unsure. Your fog light could be in good condition if it flashes briefly and then goes out. The preferred choice is to have it checked by a mechanic for safety. In adverse driving conditions, fog lights and headlights complement each other. If your fog lights fail, you could have many problems adjusting to standard headlights.

Many drivers don’t know how fog lights work and what they can do to help them. They need to know how to fix the problem when they see the warning signs.

How fog lighting works and related problems

Let’s look at the lighting system and discuss the problems. This information will help you understand why an experienced mechanic is necessary.

You must activate a switch within the cabin to turn on your fog light, triggering the relay that depends on the lights. The activation transfers power to the sunlight. Additionally, fuses protect the vehicle’s electrical components from overloading. You could experience many lighting problems if they fail.

These are some common problems with fog lighting that your mechanic should address:

Blown fuse


This problem is common because fuses can often burst to protect the lighting system. A circuit that isn’t complete can prevent the light from turning on.

Bulbs that are brittle

After a while, fog lights can wear out and stop functioning. The bulb could have burned out if the rest of your electrical system works and one light is not working. Modern cars come with fog warning lights to warn you when this is happening.

Bad relay

Your car’s fog light warning sign can alert you if your relay fails. Poor grounding is a common cause of relay failure. Fog lights cannot be powered by a vehicle that has poor grounding.

A trusted mechanic is required to correct the error. The experts will visit your home to diagnose the root cause of the lighting problem. The experts will inspect the system and provide an inspection report outlining the nature of the defect and the costs to repair it.

The mechanic will inspect the car’s electrical components, including the fuse. Mechanics often use multimeters to diagnose specific problems quickly. The mechanics will replace the fuse if it blows. They check to make sure the fuses work. They replace the broken bulbs with ones that fit the car.

If the fuse and bulb are in good condition, the mechanics will consider relaying them. To avoid future problems, they replace the fuse and wire it correctly.

Working with mechanics has the advantage of diagnosing the root cause and then solving the problem professionally. The mechanics also check the lighting system before they leave to ensure it is in its best working condition. The fog light warning symbols reflect this.

Fog Light Problems

Fog light problems can be caused by poor lighting or improper care.

Fog lights can fail after a few weeks if drivers don’t maintain their vehicles properly. A failing relay or other technical problems can also cause the bulb to stop working. Fog lights give motorists visibility in potentially hazardous driving conditions. Drivers who can recognize this will take corrective action when they see fog warning lights. If in doubt, they call a professional repair company.


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