Best DPF Cleaner Reviews


Many technologies can deal with toxic diesel exhaust fumes, but none one more significant than a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The in-line exhaust device captures particulates such as soot and ash in cell membranes.

It would be best to clean the DPF regularly to prevent excessive pressure from building up and limiting engine performance. Most diesel engine builders use active, passive, or manual regeneration methods to reduce soot buildup.

To increase efficiency, operators also use cleaners and other additives. We will be discussing the top DPF cleaners on the market in this article.

DPF cleaners are chemical treatments that reduce particulate and soot emissions from cars, SUVs, light- to heavy-duty trucks.

A significant amount of carbon remains after a cycle of regeneration.

Preventive maintenance is a benefit that diesel operators have experienced firsthand. It is always good to make regular stops at a mechanic for DPF Cleaning.

Large fleet managers will also invest in DPF cleaning equipment and a dedicated workforce.

Experienced operators should spend the time and money to learn how to clean a DPF and use it on light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles.

Review of the Best DPF Cleaner Additive

Many DPF additives are available in bulk for high-mileage operators or fleet services.

It’s always a great idea to research an organization and stay with them for the lifetime of your diesel engine.

1. Most Effective

Liqui Moly Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Liqui Moly, a German multinational company, produces a wide range of diesel-specific additives.

Liqui Moly is a well-respected company that provides high-quality lubricants, additives, and repair products.

You can use the DPF cleaner for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Note: It doesn’t work with electronically-controlled additive tank systems such as those made by Citroen or Peugeot. This cleaner is effective for Cummins, Duramax diesel, and other contaminants.

Pros and Cons

  • Customer reviews that are positive To complete the process, you will need to buy the Liqui Moly DPF Purge fluid add-on product.
  • Liqui Moly is a long-standing supplier of high-quality products for diesel engines. Save money by purchasing the tank and spray wand at your local hardware shop.

2. Most Environmentally Friendly:

Regen Less Diesel Fuel Treatment

Regen-less diesel fuel treatment reduces injector friction, increases diesel particulate filter life, and reduces regeneration cycles up to 80%.

You can use it with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and even bio-diesel trucks.

A gallon less regen will be able to treat 1280 gallons. It also reduces the truck’s dependence on diesel exhaust fluid.

You can also buy it in a 24-ounce container, a great way of minimizing soot accumulation and contamination while also preserving the DPF’s life.

3. Easiest To Use

Autoprofi DPF Clean

This product is made specifically for diesel particulate filters, and you can add it to your fuel tank.

The additive is added to the fuel mixture while the vehicle operates, allowing the DPF to clean it safely and thoroughly.

It’s a great preventative maintenance tool. It is simple to use and prevents secondary pollutants. Must-have for diesel truck owners.

4. EnerBurn- Liquid Diesel Fuel Combustion Catalyst and DPF Cleaner

Enerburn makes one product: the LDF catalyst and DPF cleaner. Enerburn tackles the whole issue of diesel particulate material and advanced regeneration for various diesel engines.

EnerBurns catalyst, a patent-pending technology that reduces overall soot or ash while increasing engine production, is called EnerBurns.

The catalyst reduces the soot burn rate and makes the DPF work more efficiently. EnerBurns technology applies to many industries, including heavy-duty trucking, maritime, and.

Pros and Cons

  • Cutting edge technology for diesel engines but too expensive for fleet use.
  • One product can improve the overall operation and reduce regeneration stress.
  • You can purchase fluids like fuel, oils, or DPF cleaners in large quantities to reduce costs. It is important to properly deal with the DPF cleaner, additives, and other equipment.
  • The initial cost of dedicated DPF cleaning machines may be high and increase performance for diesel engines.
  1. Portable Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine by Kline

Kline Specialty Service Tools has been designing OEM equipment for over 60 years.

This business serves several industries, and the DPF cleaning machine can manage large fleets.

It is portable, easy to use, and complete. Kline cleaning technology focuses on DPF cell membranes using forced air.

Large companies have identified the most productive equipment to contain Clean filters with diameters ranging from 170 mm to 400 mm (6.6intoo 15.7 in).

Pros and Cons

  • The complete setup is fully automated and includes multiple nozzles.
  • Individual use is prohibitively expensive.
  • Excellent support and many add-on accessories for expanding.

FAQ About the Best DPF Cleaners

Q: How do DPF cleaner additives perform?

  1. DPF Cleaners are chemical solutions added to fuel tanks, while some perform other functions.

A DPF cleaner that reduces soot or ash temperature is a good choice. DPF catalysts don’t raise the temperature of your filter during regeneration.

It is more difficult to clean a DPF attached to the exhaust. Buy a tank and a good wand from your local hardware shop.

As recommended, add the cleaner. It would be nice to install a panel on the DPF filter to allow entry to the cell membrane. Clean the filter according to manufacturer specifications and dispose of any soot or ash.

Q: How do I clean DPF?

A: Expert advice is always to seek diesel mechanics familiar with cleaning DPFs.

You could damage the filter beyond repair by using paint thinner, gas, and oven cleaner. A DPF is an expensive piece of equipment.

Material that is easier to use by mechanically-inclined operators is possible. Professionals should use fluids specifically designed for diesel engines. Can be referred to for more information.

DPF Cleaners: Why You Need One

DPF is responsible for collecting the diesel fuel-burned soot. The Electronic Control Module activates the regeneration system to burn up soot and return the air through the system.

Sometimes, the regeneration cycle is not properly activated. Computer errors can cause the vehicle to stop, clogged Aftertreatment Device heads (ARD), low back pressure that causes fluid dilution and filtration problems, as well as other potential issues.

Reviews of DPF Cleaner

Most likely to indicate that the system has gone sour is when the ARD head becomes clogged. The truck must be taken to the shop for the ARD head to be cleaned or replaced.

You can lose significant time depending on whether or not you require a new part and whether the closest authorized service location has it.

A module that controls electronic fuel burns soot, and the manufacturers introduced the package in early engines. They experienced severe problems that led to extended downtime, missed deadlines, and t costs.

Although the engine meets EPA standards requirements, it has experienced many problems that have cost owners and operators significant time and money.

In many cases, the ECM may not detect soot buildup, and the truck will shut down. Other cases would need frequent replacement of clogged ARD heads.

This guide to DPF cleaners prevents you from reaching this stage of repair. For maximum effectiveness, use them frequently and refer to the label instructions.

The Key Takeaways

Maintaining a diesel particulate filter requires the use of the right machinery and fluids.

It would help if you avoided giving a diesel engine any other fluids than those designed for diesel engines.

Reputable companies have many cleansers and other additives available. It may require several interventions to get the additives to work.

Spending $30-60 dollars each month is cheaper than buying a new DPF unit. Find the best DPF cleaners for diesel engines and stay loyal to the brand.


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