Does Flowmaster Exhaust Increase Horsepower


This question is common among most customers: Do performance mufflers increase horsepower? The answer is generally yes. To achieve this horsepower increase, you’ll need to get rid of your stock muffler and replace it with a high-quality performance muffler like the Flowmaster with an exhaust that increases horsepower. We will prove it.

Flowmaster has been producing state-of-the-art performance mufflers for over two decades. The Flowmaster exhaust systems and components are dyno-tuned to create a distinctive sound, as well as astonishing power gains.

It is possible to wonder how exhaust systems can increase horsepower. The answer is that the engine must move air more efficiently to achieve higher horsepower. Flowmaster exhaust systems can improve your vehicle’s horsepower by adding approximately eight horsepower (about 10%).

Are Flowmaster Exhaust Systems Effective in Increasing Horsepower?

It is essential to know the primary purpose of an exhaust system. It serves three purposes: “to reduce noise, exhaust fumes from the engine, and to divert them away from passengers, and to improve the engine’s performance and fuel consumption.” Source Exhaust systems play a critical role in maintaining the safety of all occupants of the vehicle and the health of the environment. They are the most crucial component of your car that keeps harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide at bay.

The Flowmaster exhaust system excels at all of these functions. The Flowmaster exhaust system has many benefits, not just for its looks (like the appealing sound of a new muffler or the deep booming sound it makes), but also because it improves the engine’s stability, making it proficient and more powerful.

Horsepower is a measure of the power of an engine. It is “a unit equal to 550 foot-pounds per second”. Higher horsepower means more power to propel the vehicle forward and increase acceleration. A new exhaust system increases horsepower and harnesses the capacity to produce better results.

It is possible to increase horsepower by using an exhaust system. The answer is easy: an engine that can move air more efficiently will produce more horsepower. A Flowmaster machine has a better exhaust system that can remove contaminated air. It draws in more air and filters out tainted more quickly.

Flowmaster exhaust systems will add approximately eight horsepower (about 10%) to increase your vehicle’s performance. A muffler can increase horsepower because it reduces air resistance, makes it easier for exhaust gases to exit a vehicle’s cylinders, and better airflow.

Are Flowmaster Mufflers Good?


There are many types of mufflers that Flowmaster makes. Let’s look at a few and discuss what makes them high-quality.

Super 44 Series – This muffler is made from 16-gauge aluminized steel without any internal packing. It has a distinctive, loud, and irritating sound that you can prove at the racetrack.

40 Series – This one is also well-known for its sound. It is fully MIG-welded and made from aluminized steel to improve its durability.

50 series – These have a more pleasant sound that is great for passenger cars and performance. You can pick from a variety of aluminized or stainless steel. It is MIG-welded.

You can compare HP2 Series – This made street sounds in the 1950s. The HP2 Series has an extended lifetime warranty and advanced cooling technology.

As you can see, Flowmaster mufflers offer the same great benefits as their exhaust system, and they appear in various types and styles to suit your needs. You can choose from loud, quiet, aluminized, or stainless steel options. They also offer warranties and help to keep your system cool. There is a muffler that will suit your needs and your wishes. Flowmaster makes great mufflers that are loved by nearly all of their customers.


Depending on your liking, you can customize the entire system and choose from a side or rear exhaust because you can’t beat the flexibility of Flowmaster exhaust systems.

Is Flowmaster Louder?

People also want a louder, deeper, more noticeable sound. Depending on which Flowmaster model you choose, you can achieve a variety of sounds. Source You can also upgrade to a more powerful exhaust system to get the sound you want which is possible due to the size of your pipes. If your lines are slightly extensive, you can make a low rumbling sound, often heard with race cars.

One common phenomenon is that the muffler becomes louder over time as it becomes more coated with exhaust, soot, and other materials. They will begin to growl louder and change in sound after a few weeks. The heat from the exhaust can cause materials to become thinner and burnt away, leading to an increase in noise as the exhaust system ages.

Can Flowmaster improve fuel economy?

The fuel economy will depend on how hard or soft you push the pedal and determine whether the higher horsepower is better. For example, a 2008 Ford F-150 will get around 16mpg. An exhaust system can increase power by 3%. An exhaust system might increase capacity by 3%.

The Flowmaster exhaust system can save you money on fuel, provided that you don’t rev the engine too hard. However, you can harness the system’s extra power by keeping your regular driving habits and not going faster. You can expect a 2% to 10% increase in efficiency due to less restriction.


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