Bed Liner Paint Job Pros and Cons


The best truck is essential. This part is the most critical aspect of your vehicle because it allows you to dump and carry whatever you need on your journey without compromising your comfort.

You can use it to carry dirt, sand, and cinderblocks. You must take good care of your device to ensure it serves you faithfully and in the best way possible. Painting your truck’s bed liners is one of the most popular ways to maintain them. What are the benefits, disadvantages, pros, and cons of bed liner paint?

This article will discuss the pros and cons of bed liner paint, as well as a step-by-step guide for applying bed liner paint yourself.

This article will provide all information you need about the benefits, costs, and disadvantages of bed liners. It also includes a guide about making it yourself in three easy steps.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Bed Liner Painting Job?

Bed liner paint jobs can cause mixed reactions. Different people have different experiences. The outcome of your painting depends on where and how it is done.

One person may be amazed to find the perfect touch, while another might not like the results. The varying results will show you the pros and cons of doing the job. The owner of the vehicle will have to choose what they prefer.

The Benefits of Bed Liner Paint Job


There is a vast array of options to protect your truck bed. The majority of the top-rated and most trusted companies use thick rubber material to protect the bed from any damage. Others offer spray-in or drop-in bed liners. These are all effective ways to save the bed and prolong its life. There is an economical and reliable way to protect the bed liner for truck owners who are more concerned about their budget. It’s called paint. Paint is affordable and more budget-friendly than other options. The painting can be done by anyone, which helps to save money.

You have many options for color, so you can choose the one that suits your style best.

Paint allows for far more creativity than rubber and other materials.

A colored bed liner is very popular today. However, some prefer a white bed lining paint job.

Durable. It’s indestructible, durable. Its paint is the most important thing.

Visual. Professionally painted bed liners look amazing.

Simple to Clean. There are usually two coats that make it easy to clean.

Cons of Bed Liner Paint Job

Requires Expertise

If you’re not an expert, the outcome might not be ideal. If you don’t have an enclosed garage, there are high chances that bugs will stick to the paint.

Health Repercussions

Spray guns without respirators can cause serious health problems.

Time Consuming

Working alone can be cumbersome and time-consuming. It is possible to have difficulty reaching certain areas, or you may need to paint on mirrors and windows, which can cause damage.

How Much will you Pay For a Does A Bed Liner Paint Job?

A bed liner painting job is free of charge, although experts may charge $100-$800 for most cases. In exceptional cases, they might charge $1000.

Different companies may charge different prices depending on where you are located. The starting price for a paint job on your bed liner is $80 to $100.

You may need to spend $800-$1000 for professional bed lining spray. It is easy to do the bed liner painting job yourself, and it takes only a few hours. The owner can complete the task as many times as they wish. Learn how to make your truck stand out.

Remember that the cost of the job will depend on who you hire and how skilled they are. The price of professional painting can be affected by where you live.


Relatively cheap, right? Doing the paint job yourself is a great way to save money for other purposes. You’ll also learn something new.

This guide is for truck enthusiasts who love to drive their trucks off-road. You will have a durable, hard surface resistant to damage from flying rocks and won’t get muddy on your trips.

It can be completed within a weekend if you’re into this project. Let’s now look at the items you will need.

U-Pol Raptor Liner: It costs approximately $120 to choose from, either black or tintable. If you are concerned that one kit won’t suffice, make sure you have two.

Paint: If you have chosen tintable or black, you must select a color. Go to your local paint store and make your selection.

Approved Respirator: This is to protect you against harmful particles. U-pol Spray Gun: Prices for u-pol spray guns vary from one shop to the next. It all depends on where you purchase them. You don’t need to purchase it separately, as some u-pol kits include it. It costs about $20 on average.

Masking paper: You need this paper to protect your windows and any other items you don’t want the liner to adhere to. Automotive masking tape, 3M: This can be used to mask your truck.

Sandpaper & DA sander to achieve a better and more durable result. Sandpaper and DA sander are required to scuff the vehicle’s surface and make a bondable surface for bed liners.

A 60-gallon air compressor is sufficient. Sometimes it might be more. Take the time to assess your options and choose a suitable compressor. You will need to stop every so often to let the compressor catch up.

You have a list and are ready to hit the shops to shop for your items. Next comes the hard part: getting it done and putting it all together. Let’s get to work.

Step 1: Prepare the Vehicle

Before you start organizing, you must prepare your vehicle for paintwork. Let’s get started. Clear out Everything: This step is dependent on how deep you want your bed liner painting job to go. Take everything out of your vehicle, especially personal items.

Mask everything: Take off all items you don’t want the bed liner to cover. You will then need to use your automotive tape or masking paper.

Make sure you take the time to do a pristine job and cover every area with tape to stop paint from getting to places it shouldn’t.

It is nearly impossible to get rid of the stuff. You don’t want it to go wrong. To ensure that the bed liner sticks, you will need sandpaper and DA. This process demands that you be cautious. If you cut your masking paper with DA, it will cause you to re-mask the area.

Scrape with your hand if you cannot get the DA on a particular part. After you are done, clean off any paint dust. Next, inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is in good condition. You can move on to the next stage if everything is in order.

Step 2: Spray the bed liner.

Spraying is the easy part. Follow the instructions on your U-Pol kit. The guidelines will inform the quantity of paint and hardener you’ll need to make the U-Pol bottles.

Next, follow the instructions to shake and then fix your spray gun. Then spray! Spraying is where the bed liner painting begins! To ensure that you are using the bed liner correctly, read the instructions before applying it. If you want to achieve quality results, you shouldn’t rush.

The manufacturer will give you essential information on the instruction manual. The instructions will guide you on the quantity and quality of hardener to use in the U-Pol bottles.

Also, shake your spray gun and then spray. Spraying should be done from the top. You can avoid accidentally brushing or smearing the bed liner. The shake makes it simple to fix a run.


  • Always wear your respirator while working.
  • The better your spray gun texture, the longer you keep it. You can play with your spray gun to discover what works best for you.
  • Make sure you apply a thick coating. You should look for areas that are not visible from the truck’s panel and use a thick layer.
  • Allow the bed liner to dry after you have applied it. If you need to use your spray gun for another purpose, you must clean it immediately.

Step 3: Unmasking

This part is exciting and easy to execute. It is easier to unmask the liner when it is still tacky. The process aims to prevent the masking tape from becoming part of your vehicle. If you prefer doing your bed liner painting, this DIY project is for you.

You can also opt for the paint-only option if spraying is not what you want to do. This option is simple, but it may take more time than spraying.

Guide to DIY Alternatives to Bed Liners

These are the ten steps you need to take to complete your bed lining job.

  • Decide the paint brand that you wish to use and then start. For spin sanders, a right angle is preferred.
  • Use your compressor blower to clean the surface of the paint. For better results, ensure that you have removed all debris and particles.
  • To avoid painting them over, remove all vehicle budges and store them somewhere safe. To avoid giving your truck an unattractive look, be careful not to damage or mishandle the components.
  • After removing the budges, sand the area you wish to paint, allowing the paint to bond well with the surface.
  • Next, you need to carefully and adequately wipe the vehicle’s surface clean.
  • Apply tape to any parts you don’t wish to paint. Make sure it is strong enough to not come off during painting. You cannot paint the sections where badges, handles, locks, or side mirrors are located. Use what you have to cover them. You can use masking papers or even newspapers to do the job.
  • Next, please choose the color and texture of your liners, open, and stir to a perfect consistency. Either get a professional apparatus or use your tools to make it happen. You could use a drill or a part of a blender.
  • Once you’re done color mixing, it is time to put the paint in a separate container. Although this is unnecessary, it makes it easier to dip the brush and turn the roller faster. Use what you like with your brushes.
  • Do your first coat. To get a better texture on your truck bed, paint only one direction. Once you’re done with the first layer of paint, allow it to dry before adding the second layer. After an hour, add the second layer. As you work, be careful not to drip.
  • Finally, it is time to give your foursome a new look. You are done with your bed liners.


It can be a tedious but rewarding job to paint your truck bed. You can make the car look great, or it can ruin its appearance.

We recommend only experts and people who are passionate about the subject. Be sure to have everything you need and take your time with each task. We hope this article was helpful, timely and that it has given you some ideas or a method of accomplishing the task.


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